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2020 DotComm Award
2020 W3 Award x2

Rebranding a privacy startup for acquisition.

Dataguise was founded in 2007 and quickly became the leading provider of Big Data security and protection solutions. Dataguise helped organizations secure PII data while providing governance and automated compliance for regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Dataguise approached Mitosis in early 2020 to discuss a rebrand to entice investors for a final round of funding. Mitosis audited the marketplace seeking an opportunity to differentiate and penetrate but found challenges with the product when exploring the SaaS solution. Mitosis working closely with Dataguise leadership and ownership, instead shifted the objective to rebranding for acquisition to entice organizations to purchase Dataguise. Mitosis put an aggressive timeline together and accomplished what we set out to do, helping Dataguise get acquired by PKWARE in November of 2020, less than 9 months after initial engagement with Mitosis.

Accelerating time to acquisition through an integrated, cohesive, and data-driven brand refresh.