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Creative is an important part of digital marketing, for us creative comes from an authentic place -- the brand itself. What is most important to you and your customers? Ideas are strongest and resonate the most when they originate from the truth. With a strong brand in place, we commence with the crafting-designing, writing and producing some of the most amazing creative.

When we started filming our own videos, taking our own photos and creating our own digital experiences back in 2004, it was out of passion. Today, it has grown into a core offering we continue to evolve. With strong process and an atmosphere of innovation we push the boundaries of some of the most recognizable brands.

In today’s complex communication world, consumers demand messages that are delivered in a 1:1 basis, taking into account where they are along the decision-making continuum. Our distribution and engagement teams are AdWords Certified and utilize the best publishing and distribution platforms available today to deliver the highest ROI to our clients.

digital experiences

Utilizing best-in-class technologies and development practices, Mitosis creates immersive brand experiences. Websites, Mobile, Interactive Kiosks and Dynamic Video Displays are no stranger to us. We can also conquer deep business integrations with CRM, CMS and Email Marketing solutions that fit your needs, all wrapped in a comprehensive strategy.

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A staff of Google Analytics Certified specialists just starts to scratch the surface of our analytics team. With experience in eCommerce, Interactions and Lead Capture, our team of analysts will expose gaps and identify opportunities. Operating under the notion of "gut instinct" is not enough to capture the ROI your brand demands.

video production & editing

No brand digital experience is complete without a compelling video. Harnessing the power of moving images and sound to create entertaining and engaging video and rich media. From concept to completion we can deliver even the most complex of videos and motion graphics/VFX. Mitosis produced videos have generated over 1 Million views and over $60 Million in positive revenue for our clients.